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You have always wanted to take up some new hobbies, but you don’t have the time ?.

You have always wanted to spend some time with your kids at home, but you don’t have the time ?.

You have always wanted to try that one recipe your friend told you about, but you still don’t have the time ?.


And now, you’re in quarantine. Schools are closed, your kids are staying inside. Your family is tired of takeouts. You’re bored, and start getting stressed because of all the “free” time you have in this world. Well then, we have an option for you. Why don’t you try cooking?


If you never cook before, start with something simple. Maybe a regular recipe. How about your mother’s famous Mac n Cheese? You’ve always enjoyed it, haven’t you?

If you’re already a cook for your whole family – which is definitely ideal, you can now try to dig deeper in the culinary world. Cooking a regular meal may get boring for you, so versatile your recipes and vary your entrees routine. (Check our last post on stocking up foods – you may need that if you’re planning to do your home cooking more often!)


Home cooking can be fun and healthy. You can keep these few points in mind ???:

  1. Get your kids involved. Children are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables if they can help prepare the dishes. You’ll have a great bonding time with them, while still be able to make them eat their greens.
  2. Plan ahead. We can’t forget that it’s quarantine time – a lot of things are not available ??. Planning your menu ahead, or at least having a vision of what to buy will be helpful when doing your weekly groceries.
  3. Stick with the regular, but play around. You don’t have to make a new recipe everyday. What you can do is to change in your previous routine. How about oven-fry your chicken instead of deep-fry it?
  4. Last but not least, always look for the healthier options of the recipes. If the recipe say whole milk, you may want to go for the reduced fat milk. Read the nutrition labels before deciding what’s the best for you and your family.


Keep us updated with your cooking journey. Let’s start today, and tell us about it. If not now, then when?

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