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It’s been a while since we’re stuck in our house, and the “unlimited” food access at home makes it hard for us to stay focused on our diet goal. HOWEVER! ?? Don’t be too guilty if you’ve noticed yourself constantly snacking on some chips during quarantine. Instead, check this post to have some smart snacking/eating tips ? We’re here to help ??

  1. You want to keep a fixed meal schedule. Don’t let the quarantine fool you! Although your usual work/school schedule is somewhat different, you should still stick to normal eating pattern with three meals to prevent hunger and, thus, overeating ? And please make sure that your meals are balanced with various food groups to keep you satisfied.
  2. You want to understand hunger. We’ll have our next post fully dedicated to the topic of hunger cue, but basically, know if you’re truly hungry, or if you’re just bored/anxious/stressed. Be mindful of how you are feeling, and stop eating as you are comfortably satisfied ?.
  3. You want to portion your snacks. Imagine yourself eating chips straight out of the bag while watching TV, and all of a sudden you’ve finished 2 bags of chips, a box of cookies, and probably 1 bottle of Coke. Now, try planning out the snacks beforehand. This will keep your snacks in portion, reduce the possible overeating problems. And of course – you may want to practice mindful eating (check our previous post on mindful eating).
  4. You want to go for the healthy options! Pick the snacks with good protein and healthy fat amount keep you satisfied for longer. For example, pair some protein sources (peanut butter, cheese, deli meat, etc.) with your regular crackers – that would be a game changer! Of course, as always, we’ll provide recipes for your reference ?


Now that you’re equipped with some good tips, we hope you can enjoy your day with healthy snacking routine ?

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