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man and woman doing exerciseAt Nutrition On The Go, Inc., we help you manage health conditions that are linked to or greatly affected by your nutrition and diet.

These programs are specially designed and customized to target the unique needs of every client for a more effective and efficient treatment. We work with our clients in the comfort of their own home. We are also able to connect through face time, skype, and phone conference.

You may choose one or more of the following programs:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition Support
  • Oncology Nutrition management
  • Renal Disease management
  • General Healthy Nutrition
  • Gastrointestinal Disease nutrition management
  • In home services
  • Healthy Shopping List
  • Individual Menu Development
  • Diabetes Class

Working on being excellently healthy starts today! Call us at 301-263-7319 for your inquiries about our programs or to schedule an appointment with our team of nutrition experts.