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Diabetes Management

diabetes test stripsOnce you are diagnosed with Diabetes, there’s no going back. It’s a practically irreversible and incurable disease that will further complicate your health and other health conditions you have. However, diabetes is one of those diseases that are easily managed. In fact, management is the key to overcoming the struggles of being a diabetic. Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle are just some of the ways to manage your diabetes and that’s what we will help you achieve, at Nutrition On The Go, Inc. Our diabetes nutrition experts will guide you through managing and controlling your disease with a comprehensive diabetes management program that will include:

  • Healthy eating suggestions (Monitoring carbs and portions intake, etc.)
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Diabetes education
  • Physical activities planning
  • Coordinating meals and medications
  • Healthy lifestyle for diabetic patients

Be in control of your Diabetes for a happier and healthier future. Call us at 301-263-7319.