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HOW TO PLAN A MEAL?  | Nutrition On The Go, Inc.

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You’ve been so stressed out because of all the meals you are cooking ? . You start your everyday with one thought: What should I cook for my family?

That’s how meal planning is essential. Just a quick brainstorm and you’re good to go! Here are some tips for meal planning that we’re glad to give you ??

? Think of the season: Know what is available out there. You’d love to have some locally grown produce that’s in season with the best taste. Also, you want your meals to be appropriate for the weather – for example, a fresh salad with grilled chicken would be perfect for these hot summer days.

? Know what you have on hands: Again, as we’re in quarantine, it may not be feasible for us to do grocery everyday. So it’s important to utilize what you already have in your fridge and pantry!

? Know the steps: Entrees (protein + starch) ???? – complementing side ????(vegetables) – final desserts ????. Start with the main dish – for example, grilled salmon with baked potato. Now that you have your entrees in mind, you want to add some vegetables into the plate – maybe some green steamed broccoli would match. And you’ll finalize the meal with a light desserts – fresh fruits would be one of your choices. It’s all about playing around with what you have, and then make it balanced both visually and nutritionally.

? Be easy on yourself and your ability: You don’t have to over-complicate everything. If you already planned on a fancy main dish, you can keep you desserts light and easy to make. That way you can save your time and strength for the next meals as well!

? Understand MyPate and what to have in one balanced diet. MyPlate is a template for different food groups to be included in one meal. You can keep it in mind when planning the meals for your family – that’d be an excellent cheat sheet.



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